Thomson Reuters Training, a line of business covering the most specialized training actions in the sector to enable professionals to acquire practical training in those areas of greatest interest.. 
We offer the most complete training offerings in specialized legal matters, always at the service of professional requirements and with the quality and rigour that has always characterized us. Thomson Reuters Training covers everything from face-to-face learning to the most innovative e-learning service, including customized à la carte solutions. All our expertise and legal rigour together with practicality and specialization combine in a leading value proposition on the market, offering everything required of professionals in the legal sector with regard to training.



ASCOM is a professional not-for-profit association arising in response to the need to create a shared space for compliance professionals in Spain.

ASCOM is aimed at Compliance professionals from all economic sectors and for all kinds of companies. The main goals of ASCOM are to professionalize the compliance function, establish a channel for communication with institutions, and help Spanish companies respond to the regulatory challenges they face.
ASCOM offers its members the possibility to lobby institutions, participate in the most powerful network of compliance professionals in Spain, learn and share knowledge, advance in their career and find interesting professional offerings.


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