Presentation of International
Compliance Congress

The International Compliance Congress is a domestic and international benchmark for Compliance professionals. Since Compliance is constantly evolving around the globe, it is essential to be aware of the trends observed in other countries in order to anticipate practices that are becoming standards in international transactions, and will also end up being an expectation at home.

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We will be talking about “THE FUTURE OF COMPLIANCE”. The latest trends, what is already being done elsewhere and has to be done here: monitoring, application of foreign standards, foreign judicial rulings that map out what will be done in Spain.

We will be discussing the trends in North America and, in particular, the guidelines issued by the US Department of Justice.

Are you thinking of developing business in China? We will analyse the key information: anti-bribery standard ISO 37001 in China and China’s National Standard on Compliance.

We will analyse the most significant changes at European level: court rulings in Germany and the actions taken in France combat corruption and re generate public life.

 We will be discussing Compliance practices shared in other jurisdictions, such as Russia.

How do the main Spanish companies deal with the internationalization of Compliance? We will be looking at case studies in the creation of communication and whistleblowing channels at international level.

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